Ballet Level B

Level B

Ballet Level B
Beginner/Pre-Intermediate Ballet
(5th grade, ages 10-adult)

Required: Attend class 2x weekly
Recommended: Attend class 3x weekly

Level B is for dancers who have completed Level A2. Dancers with 3+ years of previous ballet training can take a placement class to access their knowledge of Level A2. Level B is a good transition for adult dancers who have learned the basics in our adult classes and want to further study ballet.

Dancers at this level are required to attend class 2x per week. Level B reinforces the foundation established in Level A. Barre work will be longer and includes all the exercises taught at a professional school. They will begin the study of more difficult jumps from one foot and landing on one foot at the barre and then in the center. Center exercises will include combinations with multiple steps and adding the use of arms and head. There is increased emphasis is on balancing, flexibility of legs with extensions, and ankle strength which is developed using repetitions in relevé. Turns are studied in more detail with emphasis on spotting and proper placement.

Dancers at this time are taught to “self-correct” and are given more individualized corrections. They are held more responsible for understanding and maintaining corrections given to them. They will begin to learn the names of important muscles used in ballet and how these muscles interact with each other to produce a movement. Classes are designed to challenge the dancer by teaching new steps, changing the tempo, or adding arm and head movements. Students are encouraged to trust the teacher and feel confident in their increasing ability to dance well. All dancers are taught at their own pace in a positive environment meant to foster their self-confidence. Parents are invited to observe a class each fall and spring semester. Students may participate in various performance opportunities once they have completed a full fall or spring semester.