Ballet Level C

Level C

Ballet Level C
(Ages 10-16)

Required: Attend class 2x weekly
Recommended: Attend class 3x weekly

Students are at this level for 1-2 years. Students attend 3X a week plus pre-pointe/pointe classes. Level C starts more complex combinations of exercises with the coordination of the head and arms. Musicality and timing is emphasized and faster footwork is practiced. Turns from 4th, consecutive turns and fouetté turns are given. Petit allégro includes steps with beats such as entrechat trois, entrechat quatre and brisé. There is a longer adagio for balance in the center and longer combinations to train memorizing sequences of steps and reversing combinations. Students will attend the pre-point/pointe classes designed to build up ankle and foot strength while practicing movements they will eventually perform in pointe shoes. Students ready for pointe will start pointe work for 15 minutes at first to build up the correct use and coordination of the muscles. Students are ready for pointe as determined by a pointe shoe readiness assessment.