Ballet Level C

Ages 11-Adult

Recommended: Attend Class 3x weekly
Required training for pointe shoes: Must attend class 3x weekly plus pointe class

Dancers are at this level for 3-4 years. Students attend 3x a week plus pre-pointe or pointe class. Level C starts more complex combinations of exercises with the coordination of the head and arms. Musicality and timing is emphasized and faster footwork is practiced. Turns from 4th, consecutive turns, and fouetté turns are given. Turns in arabesque and attitude are practiced. Petit allégro includes steps with beats such as entrechat trois, entrechat quatre, and brisé. Sissone, ballonné, cabriole, sauté de basque are some of the more complex jumps taught. There is a longer adagio for balance in the center and longer combinations to train memorizing sequences of steps and reversing combinations. The syllabus is designed to work for weeks in a progressive manner on a particular concept with increasing complexity so consistency in attendance will allow the dancer to progress accordingly.

Students will attend either the beginner pre-point classes designed to build up ankle and foot strength or pointe classes separate from the technique classes. Students signed up for 3x weekly are encouraged to continue perfecting their technique by also attending the Level B classes at no extra charge.

There is a separate performance class and it is an additional time requirement to regular class time. It will be announced in spring schedule. Students are encouraged but not required to participate in the yearly student showcase in June. Dancers attending class 1x weekly will require additional time to gain skills at this level. Keystone Ballet Academy dancers with a goal of wearing pointe shoes must train 3x weekly at this level. Parents are invited to observe a class each fall and spring semester.