Ages 1st & 2nd Grade

Dancers will be introduced to classical ballet technique. They gain body awareness, flexibility, and learn how their muscles coordinate to help them dance. Classes include floor exercises, center work, introductory barre exercises, and dancing across the floor with natural movements that are part of ballet technique. Dancers will learn 3 positions of the feet (parallel, 1st, and 2nd positions) and practice the 4 positions of the arms based on Vaganova classical ballet technique. The focus is to recognize the feeling of straight legs, pointed feet, and good torso alignment. They become familiar with basic ballet steps and movements, start to develop balance, and learn to count music.

Dancers practice simple stage directions and dance together as a group. Classes are taught in a supportive environment meant to encourage and create self-confidence.

Parents are invited to observe a class each fall and spring semester. Learning a dance is included in the spring semester. Students are encouraged but not required to participate in the yearly student showcase in June.